Daddy Ape is a reflection token in $APE coin on BSC network and Defi 3.0 protocol with 354.432% APY fixed

The $APE token has been very promising and has been targeted among the big whales of the etherium network.

Daddy Ape aims to spread the $APE coin on the BSC network, generating passive income from real digital gold for its holders.

Just Hold $DAPE to earn $APE directly in your wallet. 🐵🤯


Supply: 10.000.000


Idea Conception

Smart Contract Creation

Official Website BETA 1.0

Fair Launch on Pinksale.

Listing on Specialized Websites

BSC SCAN Verification

First Audit (CoinScope)

PancakeSwap Listing



Staking Protocol

First NFT Sale.

Dashboard Launch (GameFi)

Official App Release BETA

DEX Listing

Game release


Daddy Ape coin ($DAPE) is a rewards token on BSC yielding rewards in Binance pegged Ape coin ($BAPE)

Total supply matches the total supply: 10 million tokens. All tokens are minted at contract creation.

Just Hold tokens to be eligible for rewards. Rewards are distributed automatically and proportionally to each holder’s percentage of eligible supply.


Contract DAPE


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